Winter Car Care in Coon Rapids, IA

Keep Your Car Running through the Winter at New Way Ford!

Tires and Chains

Good winter tires are a vital part to staying safe during the winter. If you do not have winter tires yet, your first step should be going down to our service professionals and getting a set.

Got your snow tires? Good. Now to keep them in top condition for the winter.

  • Make sure that all four of your tires are snow tires, regardless if your car is front-, all-, or rear-wheel drive.
  • Make sure that your tire pressure is correct. This is especially important in the winter, because cold weather can make tire pressure fluctuate.
  • Go easy on your brakes; break steadily when taking turns.
  • Make sure you don't accelerate in turns. Wait until you straighten your wheel before accelerating.

Find more tire information on our tire care page.

If there is severe snow, you might need to invest in tire chains. Please make sure you properly attach them or you risk damage to your car and tires.

  • Buy two pairs of chains and install them on all four tires.
  • Do not deflate your tires when affixing the chains.
  • Always have your chains on hand in the car. If you get stuck in the snow without chains, you might as well never have bought them.
  • Buy the right size chains.
  • Remove the chains as soon as the roads clear. Driving with chains on clear roads is bad for your chains and the road.

Plow Tips

At New Way Ford we support plow trucks too. Make sure you are ahead of the game this winter, keep reading for tips on taking care of your plow.

  • Test equipment before the first snowfall. Bring your plow in to get serviced or repaired when the leaves turn, it can save you a lot of headaches.
  • Inspect parts subject to wear and tear. Inspect cutting edges, wire harnesses, and mechanical connection points.
  • Work with a trusted dealer. Contact our service professionals and they will install a plow and inspect that it is functioning well.

If you need a plow in Jefferson, Carroll, or Panora then stop by our Coon Rapids dealership, we are happy to help.


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