Why Are Oil Changes Paramount for the Health of Your New Ford Vehicle?

Let Our Auto Repair Experts Here at New Way Ford Weigh In

When it comes to maintaining your new Ford car, truck, or SUV, there are very few aspects simpler than that of an oil change. It's among the quickest and easiest -- just drain the old motor oil from your engine, replace it with the fresh, clean stuff, and swap out your old oil filter for a new one. Sounds all too easy -- so much that one might think doing so inconsequential. However, the benefits for that new F-150 or Escape are several. Take with your friendly neighborhood Ford dealer a virtual tour of your engine and its greater system of components, and we think you'll see why.

During your Ford engine's lifetime, it shells out horsepower and makes the most of its torque down the Jefferson highway, among Panora city limits, and off the beaten Carroll path alike. Along the way, natural wear occurs, just like it does with most mechanisms. This, in turn, produces debris, which collects and can enter your vehicle's oil supply, leading to reduced performance. Drain and refill oil regularly, and you can both help keep such waste from piling up in the system and maintain the proper lubrication for smooth and efficient operation. For models with excellent fuel economy like Ford Expedition and sports car thrillers like Ford Mustang or Focus RS, it can mean a cleaner, longer-lasting engine, better by-product absorption, fewer exhaust fumes, and thus, lower emissions -- all the difference between a memorable road trip and a trip to our service center.

On that note, when the time comes for a quick flush and oil replacement, we at New Way Ford are here to help. Feel free to set up your next appointment here on our website using our convenient scheduler. Our expertly trained car repair pros will be delighted to bring you by in no time. Of course, not only can we take care of oil changes. Our people know the ins and outs of the entire Ford line as well as the use of the latest in auto service tools and diagnostic tech. We'll get any work you need done with quality you can depend on, and moreover, using only Ford and OEM-approved auto parts to make that grade.

Have a question or concern regarding oil changes in the Coon Rapids, Guthrie Center, Audubon area? Perhaps you'd prefer to talk shop about the range of services and special offer we periodically make available. You're welcome to drop us a line! As always, you have an open invite to stop by and see us here at 30711 Highway 141, too. Our friendly service techs will be happy to pull you into a service lane for an in-person consult.

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