As a popular subcompact SUV, the Ford Escape is known for its spacious interior, versatility, and handling. Coon Rapids drivers can get sleek, attractive automobiles that have ample room for holding both cargo and passengers. At New Way Ford, we're excited to share info on two of the Ford Escape's most impressive capability features.

Reduce Your Fuel Use With Auto Start-Stop Technology

The Ford Escape's Auto Start-Stop Technology limits the amount of fuel that drivers use in stop-and-go traffic. Whenever your engine idles while you wait at a stoplight, this system will bring the vehicle to stop. As soon as you depress the accelerator or when pressure on the brake pedal is released, the engine will quickly start back up. Best of all, the entire process is so seamless that most drivers hardly notice it at all.

Enjoy Consistently Pleasurable Driving Experiences With Several Driving Modes

Selectable Drive Modes is a feature that strategically modifies both the traction control system and the electric stability control system to reflect the demands of current driving conditions. From Deep Snow And Sand mode to Sport mode, this vehicle efficiently adjusts to ensure consistently optimal performance. Come by New Way Ford today to learn more about the Ford Escape and to take one out for a test drive.


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