Ford turned over every stone when considering what tech features to give Explorer. This three-row SUV was already a powerful, efficient and safe ride, but its new array of tech features makes it even more spectacular, more popular to consumers and more appealing to our New Way Ford team. We selected the following two tech features to highlight Explorer's trend-forward brains.

Plenty of Ways to Juice Devices

Explorer doesn't skimp on plug-in charging options. Its roomy cabin contains 110V, 12V, USC and USB powerpoints as well as regular plug options. The star of the show is Explorer's wireless charging station, a Qi-inspired pad located in the center console.

Your Very Own Wi-Fi Hotspot

Explorer is a moving Wi-Fi hotspot. Thanks to the FordPass Connect app, Explorer's cabin becomes an AT+T-powered hotspot delivering 4G LTE speeds on up to 10 devices. The network has a 50-foot radius and you can monitor data usage across the entire network. Contact our Coon Rapids dealership today for a Ford Explorer test drive. We look forward to chatting with you.


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