Ford Mustang claims decades of status as a top-selling sports car known for good looks and great handling. Our team at New Way Ford associates this ride with power, muscle, grace and confidence, but the Mustang has brains, too. Its array of advanced tech features border on genius. Consider the following two.

Bespoke Digital Cluster

Mustang's vibrant LCD digital cluster is a virtual masterpiece, literally. You can customize the cluster's array according to preferences and needs. You can tweak the gauge layout as you see fit, change the color, and tailor selecable drive modes. The cluster is also bright, easy to see, highly responsive and very fast, letting you switch up your driving game strategies in a heartbeat.

Pre-Collision Assist

Mustang gives you a heads-up when pedestrians and vehicles ahead of you present the risk of a collision. It scans the road and alerts you to possible accidents. In the event of inopportune response time, Mustang automatically deploys the brakes to avoid an accident. Swing by our dealership today and see all of Mustang's tech features in action during a fun test drive.



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