Backing Up in the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a great SUV that's designed to change the way you drive. SUVs are very popular because of their spacious interiors. In the past, this extra space made backing into parking spaces a bit harder. The new Edge, available at New Way Ford, addresses this issue with a high-tech rearview camera.

This feature is standard on every single Edge model. A small camera is installed on the rear liftgate. When you move the gear shift into reverse, that camera turns on. You'll then see the image on the large touch screen display in the cabin. It provides you with a clear view of what's behind the SUV. An innovative distance marker overlay is applied to the live video for some extra guidance.

If the camera ever gets dirty, you can clean it from the driver's seat. The camera has a built-in washer. With a press of a button, pressurized water will blast away dirt and debris from the camera lens.



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