The Ford 2020 Police Interceptor

Police departments preferred the Ford Crown Victoria police package as a common vehicle. Despite the love many officers had for the Crown Victoria police package, the company announced its retirement several years ago. Chrysler currently makes the most common police cruiser. Dodge’s Charger replaced the venerable Crown Victoria.

Ford has no intention of giving up the lucrative police market. The company announced the 2020 police interceptor. While the new police interceptor is not a V8, it offers a high performance V6 engine that has more horsepower than its predecessor.

The company hopes its reputation for providing high-quality police vehicles will help it get back into the police cruiser market. Its new line of police interceptors also comes with an EcoBoost option. Interceptors with the EcoBoost engine do not lose any power, and they gain more fuel economy for the exchange. Perpetrators may not be happy if police departments choose the 2020 model.



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