Get Your Oil Changed for the Summer Season at New Way Ford serving Jefferson, IA

As of today, spring is officially over and summer is here! That means a lot of things: days spent out in the sun, barbeques with loved ones, swimming and sun tanning, and also getting an oil change. Okay, maybe that last one isn't associated directly with summer but, if you ask us here at New Ford Way, now is the right time to get your oil changed with us. Working quickly, affordably, reliably, and hassle-free, our service center technicians will have your beloved vehicle back on the Panora, IA streets in no time.



But you may be asking, why is it important to get an oil change? Put simply, your engine has a lot of moving parts and oil keep it all lubricated so it all works smoothly and doesn't overheat; however, oil also collects debris and filth from the engine over time, breaking down and working less efficiently. Oil that's too old will begin to damage your engine, so getting it changed after the appropriate amount of time (check your owner's manual for optimal oil change intervals) will ensure your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible through Carroll, IA for as long as possible.

Ready to get started? You can simply schedule a service appointment with us on our website and we'll get you in at a time that works with your busy daily routine. We hope to see you here at our Coon Rapids, IA dealership location in the near future!

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