Caring for Your Car In the Winter

Winter is a rough season, which is why there is so much to caring for your vehicle during these months. Snow, ice, salt, and more are detrimental to your vehicle in so many ways, which is why we believe in offering our Coon Rapids area customers premium Winter Car Care. When the weather turns to snow and the temperature drops, you know that snow tires are an integral part of having your car, truck, or SUV handle at its best for the conditions. It doesn't matter if you have a four-wheel drive Ford F-150, an all-wheel drive Escape, or a two-wheel drive model, you need snow tires.

These tires are designed to grip the road as best as possible, and if you need chains on your tires, they are also capable of accommodating those. Also important for the winter months is cold-weather maintenance, including replacing your fluids, checking your brakes, and ensuring your tires have enough tread. If you are in the plowing business, ensure that you talk to us about your plow needs. We know how to maintain your plow truck and ensure that your wire harnesses, mechanical connection points, and more are all in working order.

If you have concerns about your vehicle's ability to perform in the winter, contact us today and we'll be happy to set up an appointment with our service team.

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