Added Security with Ford Co-Pilot360

Ford is known for their innovations in automobile safety. We here at New Way Ford are excited to introduce you to the Ford Co-Pilot360 system. This system is a new suite of driver-assisted technologies that are set to debut in 2019 models. It includes standard features like Automatic Emergency Braking and a Lane-Keeping system.

Both of these features take advantage of the Co-Pilot360 cameras and sensors. The equipment is designed to constantly monitor your surrounding on the road. For the Automatic Emergency Braking system, the system looks out for potential obstacles on the road. It can detect other vehicles and even pedestrians on crowded Coon Rapids streets. If it senses trouble, your vehicle will provide you with alerts and take action to avoid a collision.

The Lane-Keeping system is sensitive enough to read road markings. It can detect when your vehicle starts to drift into the next lane. If this happens, you'll receive audible alerts. In the event that you don't take action, the vehicle will provide steering guidance to keep you safe.



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