What are the Benefits of Having Winter Tires?

What Do Winter Tires Do? 

Now that colder winter temperatures have finally shown their face here in western Iowa, it seems as though everyone and their dad is encouraging drivers to switch their regular tires out with winter tires. While it may seem silly to have a completely different set of tires to drive on only four to six months out of the year, there are actually many safety benefits that come along with switching your summer/spring/fall tires out with tires designed specifically to perform on snowy or icy roads. 

While your regular run-of-the-mill all-season tires might offer the long tread life, ride quality, traction, and fuel economy you’re looking for during most of the year, you’ll find that summer tires won’t offer the same excellent traction when the weather gets cold. All-season tires actually offer little in terms of snow and ice traction, which is where winter tires come in.  

Winter tires come with a soft rubber compound that can stay flexible even when temperatures drop. While other tires will freeze and harden, winter tires are able to conform to the road for better-controlled handling. They also feature unique tread patterns with wider grooves for improved snow and ice traction, letting water drain more easily, helping you avoid hydroplaning. 

If you’re looking into getting snow tires this winter, four is better than two for a balanced and controlled drive. You’ll also want to make sure your tires are properly inflated as well, as the lower air pressure from cold weather can affect your tires, making it easier to blow a tire. 

Get Your Winter Tires at New Way Ford in Coon Rapids, Iowa

To get a set of winter tires for your vehicle, contact us today at New Way Ford in Coon Rapids, Iowa. Our expert service staff will be happy to set you up with the tires right for your vehicle and assist in installing them on your vehicle. 

Just give us a call or contact us online to set up an appointment and we’ll be happy to help keep you and your passenger safer on the road this winter.

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